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2023 Status on the new Film Incentive Program

Annual Tax Credit Cap

In calendar year 2023: $75,000,000 In calendar year 2024: $100,000,000 In calendar year 2025, and each year thereafter: $125,000,000

  • NOTE: $25,000,000 is the cap allowed in a calendar year for filming on Practical Locations (on location) meaning the balance is only available for projects filming primarily at a Qualified Production Facility (a facility with sound stages).

Base Credit Allocation

Up to $10M = 15%

$10M to $35M = 17%

$35M and up = 20%

To qualify for the base-credit you have to do one of the following:

  1. Film 50% or more at a Qualified Production Facility.

“Qualified Production Facility” means a structure that is built for film industry purposes, is located in this state, is at least ten thousand square feet and meets generally accepted industry standards, including standards for soundproofing, lighting, air conditioning, and Motion Picture Production quality technology for producing, filming or otherwise creating a Motion Picture Production.


2. Film 50% or more on a practical location in Arizona, film 50% or more of the project in Arizona, and do all prep and post at an Industry Standard Facility, if available.

“Industry Standard Facility” means a facility that, in the judgment of the Authority, has the required equipment and capabilities to meet the needs of the Motion Picture Production.


• 2.5% For all Arizona labor costs.

• 2.5% If you are a long-term tenant of a Qualified Production Facility.


• 2.5% If you film at least 50% at a Qualified Production Facility Or do all your preproduction and post at a Qualified Production Facility.

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