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  • Theresa Murray

Read Arizona’s Tax Incentive Law Here is the actual law that took effect on January first 2023.

AZ Film INcentive Law
Download PDF • 122KB

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The Arizona Commerce Authority release draft rules on the Film Incentive. We have until February 23rd to provide comments. AFDMC is curating industry feedback and has submitted a round of suggestions.

Annual Tax Credit Cap In calendar year 2023: $75,000,000 In calendar year 2024: $100,000,000 In calendar year 2025, and each year thereafter: $125,000,000 NOTE: $25,000,000 is the cap allowed in a cal

Thanks to the AZ film community’s efforts, we now have a state incentive providing a refundable tax credit for the Motion Picture Industry based on qualified expenses and for the construction of quali

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